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What makes the best concrete crews?

Concrete Crew at Sunset in KC

On a construction project concrete often drives the schedule. From providing the slab for construction to begin, and closing the project out by placing curbs, sidewalk, and other site concrete so landscapers can button up. Keeping a project on schedule and providing quality concrete starts with a good concrete crew.

The best crews consist of well-trained tradesmen that take pride in the work they do every day. The True Plane culture is based in high standards that does not allow for mediocracy.  We treat each other with respect, value quality communication and a shared work ethic, and do not use manipulation or fear tactics/mongering to run crews. Mutual respect for every person on the crew regardless of their skill level is a must for the team to work effectively. Creating this type of culture requires setting aside “ego” and “personalities” and staying focused on the task at hand.   

Sure, it may seem cheesy, but we always see concrete pours as a “battle” or a “team sport” with the opponent being all the conditions influencing the success of the day. This includes the weather, manpower, equipment, the concrete supplier, and the concrete itself. With so many unpredictable factors for a crew to manage, having a reliable team is key to a successful pour. Therefore, the crew’s trade knowledge, experience and teamwork ability are critical.  The preparation for the pour is also important and can make or break the day. Failing to prepare in the days prior to the pour leads to consequences that are obvious in the final product. We continually communicate to our crews that the success of the day and project relies on them, and each one of them have a direct impact on our success as a team. Once crew members realize their ability to influence the big picture they start to work differently, they work smarter more efficiently, and with purpose. 

The True Plane team operates with mutual respect, maximum efficiency, and values quality work.   As a result, we understand the factors that produce big picture success on a project. By applying what they know and valuing teamwork, True Plane crews view each day as an opportunity to win the “battle”. Sharing in the experience of a successful pour gives our crews purpose, drive and creates a pride in the work.